Here is Today's Scripture:

1 Peter 1:
14 Obey God
because you are his children;
don't slip back into your old ways -
doing evil
because you knew no better.
15 But be holy now
in everything you do,
just as the Lord is holy,
who invited you to be his child.
16 He himself has said,
"You must be holy,
because I am holy."
(Living Bible)

Now pray with your heart and voice to the Lord!

Father in heaven,
it encourages my heart so much to remember that Your word says
that YOU invited me to be Your child.
Thank You that I am not only Your creation,
but that You have called me into the world for YOUR purpose.
I desire to leave behind
my old sinful ways of thinking, speaking and behaving,
because You have called me to be holy in everything I do;
and You have commanded that I must be holy,
because You are holy, Lord,
and I belong to You now.
Teach me to know and practice humility and holiness,
so that I can really please You with my lifestyle.
Thank You for giving me Yourself as my place of belonging,
and thank You for the Lord Jesus Christ,
who made this possible for me
through His death and coming back from death,    Amen.

Today's Pithy Pointer: