Here is Today's Scripture:

Deuteronomy 28:
1 If you obey the LORD your God
and faithfully keep all his commands that I am giving you today . . .
5 The LORD will bless your grain crops
and the food you prepare from them.
(God's Word Bible)

Now pray with your heart and voice to the Lord!

Loving heavenly Father,
today I thank You for the privilege of obeying You
as I live in the earth.
I receive Your wonderful blessing upon my grain crops,
which represent all my earnings.

Lord, I lift up before You today, all that I earn
and I ask that You give me great wisdom in using these earnings.
If I have been foolish in how I spend the money You have allowed to come into my hands,
I ask that You forgive me.
I set myself to find out how You say my money should be spent.

I declare that You help me to set aside faithfully
what I should give to Your work in the earth,
so that You will cause the remainder to provide adequately
for our food, clothing, housing and all our other needs.

Today I thank You for adequate food in my home
and I thank You for the meals prepared from that food.
I declare that our food and drink are blessed,
so that our bodies are blessed and nourished too.
Thank You that my physical needs are important to You.
I thank You for all Your generous mercies today
in the name of the Lord Jesus,    Amen.

Today's Pithy Pointer: